What To Do During a Police Traffic Stop, Street Stop, 
Home Visit, Unmarked Police Stop, or DUI Roadblock

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Charged with murder: 

White South Carolina cop shot unarmed black man FIVE TIMES in the back, 
handcuffed the body and didn't deliver CPR while 'planting weapon at his side' - 
and claimed he feared for HIS life.

Police Invent a Novel Method for MURDERING Innocent Citizens.

Freddie Gray was the second citizen in Baltimore, MD, USA, that the city police have MURDERED using this very novel and successfully invention. They buy a transport van with a very strong, stiff suspension such as a Dodge 3500 or Ford F350. They pump the tires to the 80 psi maximum pressure to increase hardness. They place a block in the rear suspension to limit travel on hard bumps but allow a normal ride on regular streets. They place a very strong, solid seat for the prisoner to sit on.
The KILL method is accomplished when they drive the van at very high speed over a specially selected "speed bump" or over several speed bumps in the city. The bump acts like an upward crash that hits the prisoner like a 4000 pound hammer when the suspension hit the travel limiting block.
The impact broke Mr. Freddie Gray's back and propelled him into the ceiling with such force and velocity that it broke his neck causing his neck spinal cord to be 80% severed. They drive over the same speed bump many times just make sure the prisoner will not live. The police literally pound the prisoner to death.
The lame excuse that the damage was caused by not placing a seat belt on the prisoner is diversion tactic. A seat belt would have caused many other injuries including a broken back with severed spinal cord in the back, broken hip joints, broken pelvis, etc. The is pure FIRST DEGREE MURDER that was planned, designed, calculated, and executed. Yes, Freddie Gray was executed.


Message To Police - Josie the Outlaw

Many websites give very bad advice about how a person should react when confronted during a police traffic stop, street stop, unmarked police car stop, home visit, or DUI roadblock stop. After much study the following websites present the best information from sources that are not biased in favor of the police. Official or government sites are the worst references. Recommendations by ex-policemen are also biased toward the police rather than favoring the actual laws. Police often use the excuse of protecting themselves as an excuse to violate your rights and do whatever they please. Website posted by law firms vary in the recommendations. One would think that all lawyers would have the same opinions, but this is not the case. Some lawyers suggest a more cooperative, submissive approach in hopes the police office will be more lenient. Other lawyers prefer to follow the letter of the law or suggest that a lenient approach will only encourage the police to encroach more into your constitutional rights. I will post several sites below that take a more legal or constitutional approach.

USA Police Are Bigger Threat Than Terrorists Says Nebraska Senator.

This TRUE. You are much more likely to be murdered by a policeman than by a terrorist.


Don't Talk to Police


10 Rules for Dealing With Police (Full Video)

A friend of mind outside of FB was a public defender. He told me how the police often carry illegal drugs, other contraband, and an untraceable gun. Police use these items to false incriminate a person they "know" is guilty. They plant these items at the scene to justify an illegal search or illegal arrest, or they use the untraceable gun to cover their own wrongful action by saying, "he pulled this gun on me so I had to shot him to protect myself." Police are not going to serve and protect anyone. Those days are long gone.

People often cooperate fully with the police in hopes they will be better off. However, reliable sources suggest that full cooperation usually results in a worse result for the person being stopped. Police will ask questions that are targeted toward getting you to admit to the violation of some law. Police will also lie and can do so legally, but you could easily end up in jail if you lie to the police officer. Much study is required to fully understand the best response. These are the better website:

Know Your Rights: 
What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI 

Know Your Rights With Police Officers

Handling Police Encounters

Stopped by an Unmarked Police Car

What To Do At A DUI Roadblock

You can be totally in the right and within the law but still have police severely damage your car with a search dog (K9) upon the secret command by the cop and the cop will then use the fake response from the dog to damage your car and belongings an the follow up search. This video is an example of a police dog that was trained to give a "drug alert" on command when in fact the dog did not smell drugs. This is a police scam in order to perform a search that is really unconstitutional. These are BAD cops in action:

Example of How the Police Can Search Your Car Without a Warrant or Your Consent

The evidence is overwhelming that many law enforcement units are not only training K9 dogs to sniff out illegal drugs, but these dogs are also being trained to give a similar response when given a special secret command by the handler. In other words, K9 drug sniffing dogs are being trained to give FALSE drug signals upon a secret command by the handler. Local police, border agents; Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF or BATF) officers; and airport security cop are using these wrongly trained dogs in a way that allows the officers to perform a search as they wish. This scheme is used to circumvent the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Ex-police officers have testified that this practice is being used.

‘False Positives’ Suggest Police Exploit Canines to Justify Searches
Ex-cop: Police ‘using dogs to trample our rights as citizens’

Police State USA - Current News

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State
(Actually, it is already here)

Why Good People Should Be Armed

When Resistance Becomes Duty

DISARMED: A History of Gun Control Documentary Film

How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

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